Saint James Hospital Eye Clinic

The Saint James Hospital Eye Clinic has been operating as a fully dedicated Eye Clinic since the year 2000. Overall more than 80,000 patients have made use of our services throughout the years. The Eye Clinic has always been a pioneer in introducing ophthalmic technological advancements to the Maltese Islands. Some of the innovations we have launched in the medical sector in Malta are:

  • Laser eye corrections with Femtolaser technology
  • Cataract and lens surgeries addressing presbyopia
  • Correction of ptosis
    • Management of keratoconus
    • Cross linking
    • Insertion of intracorneal ring segments
    • Corneal transplant
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Minor surgeries
  • Squint corrections
  • Macular degeneration management
  • Assessments
    • General examinations
    • Pre laser
    • Glaucoma