We care. We empathise. We provide comfort, safety and successful medical solutions. We use the most advanced technology to achieve this, without ever forgetting that the most important resource in healthcare is our people. We require colleagues who share our caring philosophy because we know that they are the ones who ultimately make the difference with patients.

Our Human Resources Department oversees all aspects of the recruitment process and also provides induction, orientation and training. We do not only aim to employ the best but we also offer them an environment that breeds loyalty, motivation and productivity.

We source and recruit clinical and non-clinical staff who meet our client’s precise specifications. Employees are screened based on experience, competence, expertise, professional demeanour, personal initiative and adaptability to change.

Overseas Healthcare assists start-up companies with their initial recruitment drive, as well as established healthcare facilities that require an HR tweak or or complete staffing overhaul.

Our HR team provides the following services:

  • Assessing healthcare facility personnel requirements
  • Sourcing of clinical and non-clinical personnel
  • Compiling job descriptions
  • Designing remuneration packages
  • Issuing calls for applications
  • Evaluating applications received for qualifications and relevant experience
  • Selecting candidates
  • Performing interviews
  • Shortlisting and recommending best-fit candidates
  • Presenting job offers
  • Providing necessary work place orientation and job training
  • Proposing appropriate performance appraisal schemes
  • Recommending employment conditions and work environments that promote employee retention