Healthcare Facility Accreditation

Ensuring Quality

Accreditation is the trademark of a healthcare facility that follows the highest work practice standards; it is instrumental in distinguishing one medical facility from another and in attracting patients for medical treatment.

Through its Clinical Division, OHL taps its extensive experience with leading International Accreditation bodies and their respective programmes to work hand in hand with healthcare facilities wishing to obtain accreditation within the shortest time frame possible.

Headed by an experienced nurse, the dynamic team at our Clinical Division specialises in assessing, updating and maintaining quality healthcare standards. It focuses on clinical practices and measures them against international healthcare standards, proceeding to making recommendations on what processes need to be amended or implemented for successful accreditation.

This is not a short or easy process and requires an unwavering company-wide commitment to adopting the highest standards. OHL possesses the experience to guide healthcare facilities through the process to enable them to obtain certification by their accreditation body of choice. Our support goes beyond achieving the prestigious accreditation and includes installing mechanisms that will aid in maintaining it.