Healthcare Consultancy to Government Entities & Private Institutions

Healthcare is a dynamic and challenging sector that requires an energetic, adaptable and hardworking team to maintain efficiency and success – yet organisations, particularly public entities, often get bogged down by bureaucracy and stagnant work practices.

We can help by providing sustainable healthcare solutions together with guidance on how to adopt and implement them. We take a fresh approach to each project – evaluating a facility’s location, financial status, portfolio of services, work methodologies, employee mix and culture – and we identify key areas that require either adjustment or a complete overhaul.

This includes:

  • Recruitment of the most suitable personnel
  • Efficient management of work flows
  • Effective management of doctors’ clinics and waiting lists
  • Professional maintenance of medical equipment
  • Accurate billing and timely debt collection
  • Appropriate pricing of services

Overseas Healthcare Ltd provides consultancy to government entities on a per job basis, working closely with the public entity’s administration and clinical teams. We recognise that changes need the backing of key personnel and therefore offer practical and feasible solutions that improve efficiency, save on costs and boost staff morale while always ensuring patient comfort and safety.