Corporate Emergency Medical Assistance

Working in North African locations exposed us to an increasing demand for the provision of medical support in remote areas; this prompted OHL to set up a division dedicated to Corporate Emergency Medical Assistance (CEMA) offering customised medical solutions for onshore and offshore locations.

CEMA’s mission is to save lives and its dedicated team includes highly experienced paramedics as well as medical personnel with extensive experience working in international healthcare facilities.

CEMA provides medical support to locations that lack adequate healthcare facilities. Our call centre is available 24/7 and is easily accessible via telephone, e-mail, panic alarm button and impact sensors, among others.

Notify us of your emergency medical situation and we will provide a viable solution within the shortest response time possible – providing initial stabilising aid and coordinating the safe transfer of patients from perilous situations.

Our response cars are equipped with advanced extrication devices operated by professionals who will ensure that patients involved in accidents are able to get to hospital as quickly and safely as possible. We co-ordinate the safe removal of patients alongside our ambulance paramedics, and we handle air evacuation services (MEDEVAC) to various destinations.

CEMA also provides customised healthcare solutions for specific onshore and offshore companies. We assess locations, analyse requirements, recommend solutions and set up fixed and mobile medical clinics. We also source and recruit personnel to run these remote clinics, where our clients request so.



It has been a pleasure to work with you and the teams over the last year (plus) and having you ‘there’ has not only made the migrants safer but also kept our crews, the commercial crews and the RM protection team that much safer as well. There have been some real tragedies and I know what your team did for Bill Tripp’s family and we have a lot to thank you for. You have made a very, very real contribution to the safety of life at sea and also towards the dignity in death of those that did not quite make it.