Tanya Costa

Tanya Costa

Tanya graduated in nursing in 1990 and started her career as an ophthalmic ward nurse in the public hospital in Malta. In 1994 she was promoted to acting deputy, leading a team of nurses and assisting in the management of a 20-bed ward.

In 2001, she took up a position in the private sector within the fiĀ­rst dedicated eye clinic in Malta, run by Saint James Hospital Group. Tanya was an active member of the Saint James Eye Clinic team from its inception and was fully involved in its growth into a very successful branch of the Group.

Tanya concurrently furthered her specialisation in ophthalmology by attending courses and conferences, and participating in workshops. She also gained certification as an Excimer laser user and presented papers/studies at various local conferences, as well as participated in a number of educational TV programmes.

Tanya was instrumental in planning and creating patient pathways for the various ophthalmic surgeries and procedures, ensuring consistent, optimal quality and patient safety.

In 2012, she accepted the role of Head of Clinical Divisions within OHL, the branch of the Saint James Hospital Group that manages its overseas operations. Together with her team she focuses mainly on auditing the quality of patient care, creating and reviewing clinical and organisational policies, taking leadership of all clinical areas, managing projects which lead to the accreditation of hospitals/clinics, and forming part of the governance for OHL.

Tanya was also responsible for successfully leading Saint James Eye Clinic in Budapest towards becoming the first Eye Clinic in Hungary to achieve JCI accreditation.