Pierre Baldacchino

Pierre Baldacchino

Pierre started his working life as an accounts clerk with an international oilfield services company, gradually working his way up to the post of accounts department manager.

Ten years later Pierre joined the Saint James Hospital Group heading the financial department of the recently opened Saint James Hospital in Tripoli, Libya.

Working within such a challenging environment, Pierre also proved to be an asset in promoting open communication channels between departments, building a motivated team and in supporting individual employees to improve their personal performance, establishing himself as a reference point for the organisation in Libya. His excellent performance brought about his promotion to the post of Assistant General Manager in 2009 and in 2011 he was promoted to General Manager.

During his tenure as General Manager, Pierre spearheaded the expansion of the Group’s Libya operations through the opening of 2 new clinics in Libya.

In 2014, the Group successfully partnered with a Libyan investment firm in order to sustain its expansion plans in Libya. This included the building of a 60 bed private Hospital. Pierre took on the role of Country Manager responsible for the overall operations of the Saint James Hospital Group in Libya, whilst overseeing the negotiations and completion of the structural works on the new Hospital.

In 2016, Pierre took up his current post with the Head Office of the company in Malta where he now heads the planning and implementation of the Group’s advanced Hospital Information Systems as well as supporting the International Business Development arm of the Group in its local as well as overseas development.