Quality Healthcare Solutions

Overseas Healthcare Ltd (OHL) is a specialist at penetrating healthcare markets and manages hospitals and clinics in European and North African countries. Run by a team of professionals with different on-the-job backgrounds, OHL brings a wealth of experience, expertise, enthusiasm and efficiency to every project. The company understands that each country is different, and tailors each of its clinics and hospitals to the unique regulatory requirements and cultural heritage of every location.

For over a decade OHL served as the management arm of Saint James Hospital Group, which grew from a one-doctor clinic into Malta’s largest healthcare provider. Today, the Saint James Hospital Group operates both in Malta and internationally. It owns and runs three hospitals, two specialised eye clinics, outpatient and day-case clinics, a beauty and cosmetic clinic, spas, a medical importation supply and distribution company and a specialised physical rehabilitation centre.

Overseas Healthcare Ltd specialises in:

  • Hospital business plan development
  • Hospital project management – from conception to finishing
  • Efficient hospital administration and operations management
  • Recruitment & training of clinical and administrative personnel
  • Development of healthcare services portfolio
  • Medical equipment sourcing and commissioning
  • Set up and management of clinical and administrative processes
  • Consultancy services promoting optimum healthcare practices


  • Accreditation consulting, patient safety and quality of clinical practices – assessment and recommendations regarding work practices as per quality accreditation standards including preparation of necessary documentation
  • Medical health & safety site assessments, recommendations and solutions
  • Ensuring high quality care and excellent customer service programmes
  • Third party administration support to international clients
  • Corporate Emergency Medical Assistance across Europe, Middle East and Africa